improving  hEALTH  THROUGH,

energy medicine!



Treatment sessions are meant to address energetic blockages that may have an impact on wellness, facilitating the body's natural ability to bring itself to homeostasis, which may have an impact on health & well-being. We have no intention to replace your medical doctor or medical treatments. We do not claim to treat, cure or diagnose disease but to promote energetic balance within the body.


Some of the advantageous attributes of the range include:


Cuts, scrapes, wounds, infections, heal rapidly

Eliminates sinus infections quickly

Quickly removes (even chronic) pain flu and colds gone

Improved mental clarity improved sleep and better dreams

Dead tapeworms in the toilet after a week or so (with some people)

Warts shrink and disappear, especially fast with children

Carpel tunnel syndrome goes away very fast

Yeast and candida-type fungi gone quickly

Eyes less bloodshot

Skin tone immediately improved

Helps remove heavy metals and organic toxins

Establishes normal ph within a few days (most cases)

Acne disappears in short time

Helps in psoriasis

Earache disappears

Improves organ efficiency (when placed over an organ)

No more depression

Stops itching, even from bug bites

Ringworm goes away rapidly.


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